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Best products ever!

I've been using Honey Bee Skin cream for several years. It is the only cream I use as a facial cream that has never given me a rash. I love the creamy texture, and very light scent, I'm very sensitive to scents and this product is nicely refreshing. My husband recently had some skin reactions to antibiotics, rashes all over. He tried the Honey Bee cream and loved the moisturizing affect. His rash was less red & itchy within a few minutes. He even kept the 2oz jar in his pocket so he could reapply as needed. I love the smooth skin that I feel and i notice less facial wrinkles when I use this product twice daily. My skin looks 20 years younger! Thanks for making a wonderful product! Debi P.

Great winter special, but I would buy it anyway!

I was introduced to Honey Bee many years ago at the Delray Affair, which typically takes place in April. I have used it ever since, and have introduced many friends and relatives to the product. It is very light yet effective on dry skin like mine. There are no chemicals in the formula, so I feel good about using it on every area of my body, even to my acne-prone face. It is also unscented, so it doesn’t clash with my perfume.


Great cream, Great service !

Great moisturizer

Been using this product for over 5 years. It is great for FL weather, light but moisturizing and good for my oily skin.

Honeybee gift pack

Honeybee gift packDoes not always have instructions on how to use each item for example the wrinkle cream do you wear at night you put it on twice a day or once a day

Hi! You should use the wrinkle repair after you wash your face.

Winter sale

Fantastic product, deep healing for cracking feet and hands.
Fast shipping, great sale price.

Love this product!! So natural

Smooth ,not heavy, healing cream.

Received Honey Bee product soon after ordering. Happy with cost of product and reasonable shipping cost.

Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream

Love this cream and now it comes with a pump. Great products. I also love their body wash and face wash.

The BEST ever hand cream!

I have been washing my hands a lot trying to stay clear of covid, and developed eczema. My doctor prescribed a cream which didn’t work as fast as I was hoping. During a visit to my sister’s house, she saw how raw my hands had become and gave me a jar of Honey Bee. Within a few days, the redness and itch disappeared!

My 95 yr old mother in law introduced me to HoneyBee!

Yes… That’’s right my 95 yr old mother in law uses your product and her skin is fabulous! So, I tried it and my skin is looking clearer and hopefully younger (lol!)

Fabulous product

I love the natural feel of the HoneyBee Lip balm. I keep one in my purse, wtih my costmetics and with my travel items. they feel great and don't dry out my lips like other products. Buy one / get one was a great way to restock!

I have thin skin that tears easily and takes a while to heal, this has been the best thing for it! Heals quickly

Honey Hemp Body Wash 16oz

Great Product

Found this product at a local fair years ago, wonderful skin care. Multiple family members use Honey Bee Healing Cream as well.

SUMMER SPECIAL! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream 8oz and 2oz


I've always had dry skin. But I hated face products that left me feeling greasy. Honey Bee leaves my skin soft and supple. It makes my 75 year old face radiant.

Don’t worry Bee happy

We’ve been a long time Honey Bee user, and continue to love the products

3rd ReOrder

I have been using Honey Bee products for 5 years now ever since I first saw them at a State Fair in Florida. I think it helps keep my skin looking young.

Honey cleanser

So far, so good.


smooth, absorbent, non greasy, no residue, heals skin issues. LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream!!!


Honey of a Honey

I have been using Honey Bee for over 7 years and use it everyday. Great product and happy I found it.


Love , love, love

I’m so in love with all these products. Price point is fabulous but results are even better. Customer for over 10 years. Just tried the face wash, totally unbelievable. I am grateful the day I purchased my first jar.