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My hero

I just love this cream. As a nurse for 39 years I have used this cream to maintain good hands. It has been a life saver for me and anyone else I know with dry and cracked skin. Thank you for such a great product

Best cream

I have been using Honey Bee for at least 10 years or longer. It is the only face cream I use. Bought it at a street fair in Sarasota. I have been hooked ever since. Love it.


I started out buying the Honey Bee healing cream for my twin granddaughters for eczema. They loved it and it worked . It is also a pure product without chemicals and other toxins. So I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt on my skin. It also smooths fine lines, I'm 75 and people ask me all the time what I use on my skin!! Hopefully they will all order some.

Love the Cream. I use it as a night cream & I keep the small one in the kitchen if I get a burn I use it that really helps.I also give it to my friends for Bir

Best products ever!

I've been using Honey Bee Skin cream for several years. It is the only cream I use as a facial cream that has never given me a rash. I love the creamy texture, and very light scent, I'm very sensitive to scents and this product is nicely refreshing. My husband recently had some skin reactions to antibiotics, rashes all over. He tried the Honey Bee cream and loved the moisturizing affect. His rash was less red & itchy within a few minutes. He even kept the 2oz jar in his pocket so he could reapply as needed. I love the smooth skin that I feel and i notice less facial wrinkles when I use this product twice daily. My skin looks 20 years younger! Thanks for making a wonderful product! Debi P.

Great winter special, but I would buy it anyway!

I was introduced to Honey Bee many years ago at the Delray Affair, which typically takes place in April. I have used it ever since, and have introduced many friends and relatives to the product. It is very light yet effective on dry skin like mine. There are no chemicals in the formula, so I feel good about using it on every area of my body, even to my acne-prone face. It is also unscented, so it doesn’t clash with my perfume.


Great cream, Great service !

Great moisturizer

Been using this product for over 5 years. It is great for FL weather, light but moisturizing and good for my oily skin.

Winter sale

Fantastic product, deep healing for cracking feet and hands.
Fast shipping, great sale price.

Love this product!! So natural

Smooth ,not heavy, healing cream.

Received Honey Bee product soon after ordering. Happy with cost of product and reasonable shipping cost.

Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream

Love this cream and now it comes with a pump. Great products. I also love their body wash and face wash.

The BEST ever hand cream!

I have been washing my hands a lot trying to stay clear of covid, and developed eczema. My doctor prescribed a cream which didn’t work as fast as I was hoping. During a visit to my sister’s house, she saw how raw my hands had become and gave me a jar of Honey Bee. Within a few days, the redness and itch disappeared!


I love Honey Bee products!

excellent color

I really love the way the mascara applies so easily. It enhanses the length of my lashes beautifully.

Love your products!

I LOVE your lotions. I use them daily on my hands and face. This is the only lotion that I've ever found that actually soaks into my skin and doesn't leave a 'slimy' feeling later when I wash my hands. It makes me feel like it's actually repairing my skin.
Additionally, I am prone to having eczema. As long as I am using this, it keeps my eczema at bay & I haven't had any bad flare ups.
Thank you so much for this!

Love Honey Bee

Been using this lotion/cream for years now and will always love my honey bee. Got the face wash this time with the vitamin C serum and the chap-stick and so far so good! Love this product and sure I will love the items I am trying.🩷

BeezGirl Essential Lipgloss

Wonderful Serum

I love the consistency of this serum, it's very light and gets quickly absorbed. My skin looks refreshed and healthy prior to using my moisturizer.


Love The Product I Give Them As Gifts.

Love this

I’ve been using Honey Bee cream for over 10 years and the way it makes skin feel

Holiday Special! Honey Bee Skin Healing Cream

Very helpful

This is my favorite product from this company. It really helps my lower back pain and my husbands hand pain. We always keep a couple of these sticks on hand.