Your Honey Bee delivery

Thanks for ordering Honey Bee direct from the beekeepers! 

You have probably received several e-mails from us already regarding your Honey Bee order and you're excited to receive your package. Here are some more details about your delivery: 

We mail out packages Monday through Friday via the US Post Office. Orders received by noon on Friday will be shipped that day. Orders received after that time will be sent on the next business day. 

The Honey Bees ship first class and priority mail via the post office. We can also ship via other carriers if you require it. Please send us an e-mail or call us for more information. 

Did you receive an email "your package was delivered" and can't find your package? Please check your front door or around the outside of your home. Postal carriers are getting very creative these days. If you are in an apartment complex, your package is likely being held in a package area for residents. Please check with the management company during their business hours.

If you can't find your package and you have checked all available locations (local parcel lockers, left with your neighbors) contact your postal delivery person. This can be done by leaving a note in your mail box or phoning your local post office.

Need help finding the phone number to your local post office? Visit the Find Your USPS Location and enter your zip code, then click on your post office in the list for the phone number. 

If you have contacted your local post office and still nothing, please call or email us. 


thelinkco at

and we will be able to assist you from there.

Note: you must contact your postal carrier first if your delivery status says "Delivered" as they have likely misdelivered your package or taken it to the post office for safe keeping and can rectify this quicker than we can ship you another package. 

Any other questions? Email or call us. Thanks for ordering and enjoy!